It has been twenty-two cycles since The Leaving; the day the Guardians of each warren disappeared without a trace, leaving a world of five-cycle-olds to fend for themselves and create a new world from among the ruins left by Those Who Came Before.

Those children, the Firsts, are now nearly thirty cycles old. They have developed cultures, religions, trade agreements, started to recover the use of Those Who Came Before technology, and have had children; collectively known as Seconds. Their world is far from settled, however. Traveling the bush is far from safe, and fights between warrens are common. Bruisers and Bunyips are a constant threat to all. Strange occurrences; lights in the sky, otherworldly noises, group amnesia, and people who possess supernatural powers are not unheard of.

It is a time rife with dangers, but for those adventurers brave (or crazy) enough to explore, it holds great opportunities.

In the Footsteps of Those Who Came Before

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