In the Footsteps of Those Who Came Before

Return to White Wall

When the group awakes the next morning, Logan is missing and the rest are lying in the middle of the road. Each has small puncture wounds on their upper arms, but otherwise seem fine. The bounty hunters are gone, but Ragnas remains. Confused, the remaining party members shrug the occurrence off and decide to head back to White Wall without Logan. They load Ragnas, who is still under the influence of the bounty hunters’ drugs, into the cart and begin the journey back.

At some point in the first night, Ygret’s whiskers were cut off and glued to Chiru’s face. Any discussion that would have ensued was stifled by a centipede attack. Disoriented from his sudden lack of whiskers, Ygret spends most of the fight atop the caged cart.

The next day, on the trip back to White Wall, the group is attacked by a group of bandits. Jesse and the others were in danger of being overcome, but with Ragnas fighting from within the cage they managed to prevail.

They reached the outskirts of the warren to find Bruisers attacking. When the group let Ragnas out of the cage, there was a brief struggle over whether to let Ragnas wander off wherever he wanted, or force him to help the warren. Finally Ragnas decided to help the group.

The group was badly injured, but with Ragnas’ help managed to kill the small group of Bruisers murdering White Wall citizens attempting to flee the carnage.

The adventure begins

Each party member was called to the small warren of White Wall by Rana-suri couriers. As they each arrived, they found that they were not the only ones to be summoned in this manner. The last of the adventurers arrive, and after being made welcome with food and drink, a warren meeting is called. Karnack, the warren headman, addresses the group and asks for help in two tasks that the citizens of White Wall have been unable to handle themselves. The first task is to rescue the town hero, Ragnas the Mad, who had recently been taken by bounty hunters hired by a rival warren. The second task is to head to the North to the nearby ruins and investigate the strange lights and noises that have haunted that area in the last few weeks. The group of adventurers is asked to break into two groups of five to complete the tasks and return for substantial reward.

Jesse, Chiru, and Ygret, who had been travelling together when summoned, decided to team up with Timothy and Logan in order to track down Ragnas and the bounty hunters. The first night out, the party is attacked by giant centipedes, but after a brief struggle, the vermin are dispatched. The next day, the party finds a broken wagon wheel and signs of a struggle. The body of a bounty hunter is found on the side of the road. As the others continued on, Ygret hung back for a while and rejoined his companions later.

Toward dusk, the group finds the remains of a paved road. The wagon tracks indicate that the bounty hunters have turned onto the road and the group follows. Feeling that they are catching up, the group decides to forgo sleep and push on. As they walk, two ten-foot-high walls rise to flank the road. Near midnight, the group spots a campfire ahead in the road.

Chiru scouts ahead and finds three sleeping bandits; a man sitting by the cart, who is obviously the leader; the driver of the cart, who appears intoxicated; two lookouts atop the wall, and a hooded man tied up in the caged cart. Chiru returns to the group to pass on what he has found, and they decide to climb the walls and prepare an ambush.

The group manages to take out one of the sentries before chaos erupts. Two more bandits are killed before the leader requests a palaver. He offers to take his remaining men and walk, leaving the cage behind, if the heroes give them a 5 minute head start to leave the scene. The group agrees, but as the bounty hunters leave, dragging their drunken driver with them, Logan realizes that it’s a trick and runs after them. Chiru checks the prisoner in the cart, and sure enough, it is a dead body that looks nothing like the description of Ragnas.

A brief battle ensues before everyone abruptly falls asleep.


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