Chiru's Journal


Entry 1

Ygret, Jesse, and I were delivered messages from the high mucky-muck of Whitewall. They requested aid, and we decided to investigate. Once there, we saw there were others, similarly summoned. We were given the option to help the mucky-muck and the inhabitants of the warren for pay. The three of us decided to go after the village hero as opposed to chasing after some kind of light phenomenon.

Two others joined us, by the names of Timothy and Logan. They were both gun-happy, each having two. They clearly knew each other before this little errand.

As we were following wheeled tracks, we came across some poisonous centipedes, that I got some raw material from. There was obviously a scuffle of sorts a few days in, and we saw a downed bandit on the side of the road.

We finally tracked down the cart that had a hooded prisoner (assumed it was Ragnas). It was night, so I went on a scouting mission, and would’ve poisoned their food supply, but they had a decent watch. So we decided to ambush them.

In the middle of the battle, the leader decided to cut a deal, as long as he and the rest of his band could go.

My memory gets a little hazy, but I do remember that the “Ragnas” in the caged wagon was a decoy, and the driver (who we had assumed to just be drunk) was actually a drugged town-hero. So we ran down the bandits and were winning, when, all of a sudden, we blacked out. All of us. But the cart was still there, Ragnas was still there, and all-in-all, everything seemed great. We all had a weird bee-sting, but that sort of thing happens, and didn’t seem to have any adverse effects.

Logan was missing though. We decided he could handle himself, and we needed to get Ragnas back to the Whitewall, since that’s what we were hired for.

Entry 2

The way back to Whitewall, we had some encounters, and it was quite clear that we were all better fighters than we had been. Ragnas mentioned that it had something to do with the weird bee-stings. I think we should find more of these creatures to beef ourselves up some more.

Right before we got to Whitewall, we saw that it was being sacked. Ragnas decided this was a good time to cut his losses, but we convinced him otherwise.

When we arrived at the warren, we saw that it was under attack by Bruisers. We decided to try and fight them and save the town, but we barely survived dealing with some of the ones on the fringe of the town. We investigated the mucky-muck’s home, as Ragnas said there was something in there he needed, or something. In any case, we found a note that looks like it’s from Those Who Came Before, and a picture that looks like a younger Ragnas. I’ll have to ask him about that next time I see him. We also fought giant hampsters and found some young ones, which Logan wanted to raise one, so he has been carrying it around. Strange character, that one.

So, we decided to go to the Green City, as that’s where Ragnas said his friend was. But, Timothy had heard of some ruins along the northern coast, and I kind of want to go home. It’s been five years, and I miss the trees. I also want to see my parents’ graves and what’s become of my home.

Also, the coast south of the forest is haunted, and I’m pretty sure vanquishing ghosts will earn me some reputation. I have to earn my father’s swords.

Entry 3

The trip to the first set of ruins was pretty straight-forward. Took a few weeks and we battled a few creatures, but nothing we couldn’t handle. I finally figured out how to concentrate the essence of poisons like my father had mentioned once, and how to make a dose of poison last longer. So I have to field-test them, but I’m pretty excited.

At the ruins, we looked around and didn’t see much, but there was a tall building with metal doors. Worried that the doors might’ve been trapped, I decided to climb to the roof and see if I could see anything interesting from there. Ironically enough, I set off a trap. Undaunted, I still climbed the 40 ft. building and looked around. There was an opening in the roof, so I called down that it was all clear and jumped down. Didn’t go exactly as planned, but it got the job done.

We found a ton of stuff in the crates all around the building! Including a vest clearly made for storing alchemy supplies and a set of gloves with the fingers cut-out that help me grip my father’s swords and maneuver them easier!

Entry 4

Oh, I forgot to mention, once we were done with the bottom floor, Ygret and Timothy climbed these stairs that just fell out from under their feet. They re-scaled them (after I showed them how) and disappeared into a room. Where they were for a while.

Tired of waiting, I joined them, and they were talking to some Shi’ib girl. (She was cute, but I could do better.) They were wielding some sort of device and arguing with themselves about whether or not to “inject” themselves. Jesse decided to trust the girl (who apparently is some sort of desert priestess) and injected herself. Ygret followed suit. I watched for adverse affects, the girl was watching me and I didn’t want her to think I was scared, so I injected myself.

It was kinda weird. My skin was churning for a second and then kind of reset, and is now more resilient. It also made me dizzy for a second, but once that cleared, I noticed that I had faster reaction-times. In any case, the cute girl said she could get herself back to the desert, after she pretended to know everything (said that the Glass Plains were poisonous and only sealing ourselves would work, on the surface), and told us to be on our way.

So, traveling again, but to the next ruins. We came across some weird lizards with a seriously weird head (looked like the end of a mace). They tore through the rest of the group. I tried healing them with some of the fancy vials from Those Who Came Before (the orange ones), but ended up scaring them off with the “Thunderstones” (that’s what Jesse says they are).

Entry 5

After traveling and healing some, came across a worse-for-wear warren. One of it’s inhabitants sent us after bandits, promising pay in return. When we caught up to the bandits, we saw that it included a Sha’ib Priestess. After emerging victorious, we confiscated their cart (full of what I can only assume was thefted from the warren) and dinosaur that was hauling the cart. The Sha’ib Priestess was unconscious, but alive, and we decided to question her when she awoke.
On the way back to the warren, we encountered some beasts and I decided to try the drugs that we had retrieved from the ruins. They increased my agility and strength, but wrecked havoc on my body. A couple days later, I started shaking and feeling week. Took some of the green vials and decided to never use them again.
Fought bigger band of bandits. By the end of the battle, we had 3 additional captives.
As we neared the warren, there was a circle of flattened grass with two groups of 4 markings near the center.
When the priestess finally woke up, she told us that she was being kept captive for ransom. One of the bandit captives told us about some Pengana lady. Warren rewarded us and lynched the bandits.

Entry 6

We decided to escort the priestess back home (and by “we” I mean Jessie, mostly). On the way we encountered some scorpions the size of horses (or big dogs). I pretty much killed two of the three myself. You can call me “Scorpion-Bane”. And then we encountered scorpions the size of big horses! Like the kind humans ride! In any case, harvested some poison, after being affected by it. Silly scorpions. Too bad we kill everything so quickly. I don’t get a chance to properly utilize the poisons that I’ve been harvesting.
After practically being assaulted by the people we returned the priestess to, we decided to go to the other ruins. We had Fluffy (that’s what I named the dino we got!) guard our cart (Thing 1 and Deadeye taught him to do that!) as we went up the little mountain path. When we got to the doors, I noticed they were roughly the size of HUGE! (24′×24′×2′) And they weren’t opening, so we skirted around and found a smaller door. Deadeye fiddled around with some box on the side, said he fixed it, but it still wasn’t opening. So I busted out my set of tools and loosened the locking-mechanism enough for me to get through, but then Ygret went all he-man and opened the door (which he wouldn’t have been able to do if I hadn’t opened it some already).
Their were some large pieces of metal that were held up by three wheeled posts, as well as barrels filled with very flammable liquid, that Deadeye and Thing 1 used to make what they called cocktails (I hope they don’t drink them). Explorated and found some weird guy. Said he was trapped and seperated from his party. He seems ok. I found a door with spiders behind it, and opened it! I held them back long enough for Thing 1 to bust out his shot gun and blasty-blast them to bits! Hey, maybe I’ll call him Buster now…

Entry 7

After the spiders got eradicated by Buster, we explored a little more. Found a rope that led up to a platform, which I promptly climbed, and found a duct, so I climbed in it. After a few minutes of navigating the cramped quarters, I…
Found other hanger, found Niklas. Helped kill the last of bandits. Got abandoned.
Helped Niklas search through barrels. Went back to where I was abandoned.
A wounded Jessie showed up, barely able to stand. Cracked computer. Globe. Jessie left.
further down tunnels. Found digging equipment. Came across armed dwarves. They said they were expanding their homes and working. They said they had a cure for the poison, but Ygret just got a quick high, a quick low, and felt a little sick afterward. Returned to Jessie

Entry 8

I found a mountain pass sufficiently large for Fluffy to traverse. After a few hours, Fluffy started freaking out. Suddenly, some weird creatures popped up over the cliffs, and started throwing javelins. Jessie tried climbing up. Then they started climbing down. Ygret tackled one off of the cliff, pinned it, and then held it up for me to pincushion. It was pretty sweet. I think the other two were handled by Buster and Deadeye. Jessie was climbing up and down the cliff. Not to sure why. Anyways, I got the weird things (Jessie said they were Bugbears) equipment into our wagon… we have a regular merchant wagon going on here.

We traveled a few more days, and then we entered the forest. It was a nice balmy day. Then Jessie fell into the pit trap and snakes started strangle her, so I dove to to rescue her. I was shortly also getting constricted, and Ygret jumped in. Buster was shooting from above and I killed the snake on me while Ygret handled the ones on the ground. We finally killed them all, and Ygret decided to skin them for their meat.

Then we went to sleep. That is, until a gargantuan spider showed up, waking us all. I turned invisible, climbed a tree, then skewered it’s back (as I do). The other’s were getting chomped on (Ygret followed me onto spider), but we ended up killing it. It’s poison was superb. I can’t wait to study the poison to make a super poison!

Buster and Deadeye managed to get themselves super-poisoned. It’s been a fun time.

Entry 9

We woke up, feeling much better, but with some bug bites on our arms. We decided to continue on, but somehow we got lost and didn’t make much progress. That night, a swarm of bugs descended on us, but Buster and I rained fire down upon them. I awoke with some weird bites. I took some of our Green Vials and it fixed it all up.

On our way to my home town, we came across an “old” guy. He told me my village was wiped out by demons shortly after our best warrior was killed (I fear that he was referring to my father, so now I can count my whole village on my conscience.) He offered us advice if we could beat him at a game called “Liar’s Dice”. He told us to stay away from the Haunted Coast until we had the book. Ygret kept asking the guy questions, I didn’t really pay attention, kinda was mulling over my part in the demise of my village.

Getting frustrated with them plan-making, I just started off towards my village. There was some commotion behind me, but I really didn’t care…

Jessie caught up and told me that the old man set up a trap for us, and Ygret ate the old man. I had other things on my mind. By the end of the day, it was apparent Jessie had Boot Soup, so I checked my feet and Buster’s, and they were infected to. We burned it off, and kept on our way.

We saw some tribe markings that I didn’t recognize, but Buster said they were “Flesheater”. I just know that my tribe was straight on, so I continued.

Then I got hit in the shoulder with an arrow. As did the rest of our group. I tried to reason with them to let us pass, but they kept firing. We took down three, but the others skitted off. One had a portrait of me, that Ygret said I was evil. Not sure what that was about. Probably because of the demons that the old man mentioned…

Then a cleric shook her rattle at me. We had discussions on my evil-i-tude.

We awoke the next day to the third day of rain. It would be a lot more reassuring, but I have have my dead village to return to.

We got there and my entire village was still there, bones, but there, seemingly frozen doing what they had been at time of death… I found my father’s armor, and there were other useful items for my comrades, and now we’re off to the haunted coast.

Then there was a huge river, decided to go around, back to the desert, bird men were following, one went off by itself to find me, said they were protecting us, invited them for s’mores. Raven bunyips they were. Ygret was having a convo with one of them. Buster asked what they were protecting us from, they said white demons that we had encountered a lot.

Said they were the ones that were giving us shots, and that villages often when missing when they showed up with their flashing lights. They said they saved us 3 times from them.

Entry 9

So, we changed our minds and decided to go to the desert. About halfway across the mountain we encountered some manticores. Buster busted the face of the first one, and I finished it off. We continued on, and our buzzard-buddies gave us Dead-eye.

And on we went. One night, Dead-eye woke us to see some weird goats. That terrified the shit out of us (not quite sure why), but when we got back, I saw Ygret on the ground and panicked. I tryed to stop his bleeding, but Buster ended up doing that. I got bandages, but not quite sure how they’re used, so one of the birds pushed me aside and applied them.

A few days later, we got to the desert. And met some hyena bunyips. They weren’t too friendly. Neither were their seven friends, who showed up during the night. We took care of them pretty quick. I got a little scratched up, but nothing I couldn’t take. The last one ran off, but Ygret and I took off after him to take care of him.

Entry 10

We saw wagons! And chased them down! There were guards! I said hi! There were merchants. We traded stuff. They said if we took them to the Shi’ib city we could have all this cool stuff!!! But Jessie didn’t want to risk it, so we didn’t. Slept and got attacked by Lamia’s… crazy looking buggers. And they split into more!
Then we ran into bandits. There was a Sha’ib priestess who wanted our help going to the city, but one of the bandits ran off and Ygret sent me after him, so I did.
He ended up in a camp of about 80 people, who I decided to poison, since they were clearly lying to us.
I went back to camp and informed everyone about the army. Which apparently was the tribe of the priestess. But I’m pretty sure they were lying about something, so I don’t feel bad. They’ll survive. I didn’t have any lethal poisons…


Chiru's Journal

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