Character Creation Guidelines

Characters can be of any Race. They can also be of any class available on, though some classes may need to be modified to fit the setting. Talk to me if you have any questions.

Any starting Those Who Came Before technology or weapons must be written into the character’s story.

Each character must have a connection with at least one other character. Bonuses will be given to players who have connections to two or more characters.

Names Names in this world are descriptive (Richard the Lionhearted, John Smith, ‘Little’ John). Each player will come up with a given name, but their last name will be decided by the group based on their character description and back story. These names can be changed by great (and not-so-great) deeds and other events.

Ability Scores Ability scores will be determined by a group dice-roll. Each player will roll a d6 and the highest three scores will be added together. This process will be repeated a total of six times and the these six scores can be allocated to any ability. Each player’s roll result must be used at least once, even if that value is not one of the three highest values.

  • Available ability score values are 14, 13, 13, 13, 13, 12.

Traits/Flaws Each player may select traits from the list of traits for a total of 4 points. If a player chooses, they may also select a flaw-list in progress to gain additional points, up to 10 total points.

Character Creation Guidelines

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