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The modified rules and feats will be similar to what was used in the Reign of Tonir campaign.

Gold and Equipment

All goods and equipments will be purchased on a barter system; characters must exchange items or services for items they want. Characters will make Diplomacy checks to determine how good of a deal they get.

For the most part, firearms will follow the Pathfinder rules found here. Below are highlights/modifications:

Adventurers who want to use guns must take the Gunsmithing feat just to make them feasible weapons.

Firearm Proficiency: The Exotic Weapon Proficiency (firearms) feat allows you to use all firearms without penalty. A nonproficient character takes the standard –4 penalty on attack rolls with firearms, and a nonproficient character who loads a firearm increases all misfire values by 4 for the shots he loads. Unlike the stated rules however, you can take Weapon Focus (Firearms) instead of retaking the feat for every subtype of firearm.

For now, range and penetration will follow the “early firearm” rules, regardless if the character’s weapon is a recovered “modern” weapon or not:

“When firing an early firearm, the attack resolves against the target’s touch AC when the target is within the first range increment of the weapon, but this type of attack is not considered a touch attack for the purposes of feats and abilities such as Deadly Aim. At higher range increments, the attack resolves normally, including taking the normal cumulative –2 penalty for each full range increment. Unlike other projectile weapons, early firearms have a maximum range of five range increments.”

Misfires: If the natural result of your attack roll falls within a firearm’s misfire value, that shot misses, even if you would have otherwise hit the target, and misfires. If the total result of your roll + modifiers misses the target by 10 or more, there is a 10% chance of a misfire. When a firearm misfires, it gains the broken condition. While it has the broken condition, it suffers the normal disadvantages that broken weapons do, and its misfire value increases by 4 unless the wielder has gun training in the particular type of firearm. In that case, the misfire value increases by 2 instead of 4.

If a firearm with the broken condition misfires again, it explodes. When a firearm explodes, the weapon is destroyed. When a gun explodes, pick one corner of your square—the explosion creates a burst from that point of origin. Each firearm has a burst size noted in parentheses after its misfire value. Any creature within this burst (including the firearm’s wielder) takes damage as if it had been hit by the weapon—a DC 12 Reflex save halves this damage.

Reloading: You need at least one hand free to load one-handed and two-handed firearms. In the case of two-handed firearms, you hold the weapon in one hand and load it with the other—you only need to hold it in two hands to aim and shoot the firearm. Loading a “early” firearm is a standard action and loading a “modern” firearm is a move action. The Rapid Reload feat reduces the time required to load one-handed and two-handed firearms.

Loading any firearm provokes attacks of opportunity.


If a prerequisite requires “Fighter Level x”, that can be met by “Character Level x+1” and “BAB +x” instead. For example, a feat which requires “Fighter Level 4” can be taken by any character of level 5 or higher with a BAB of +4 or higher. All other prerequisites apply.

After much training, you can use both hands equally effectively.
Prerequisites: Str 15, Dex 15, Two-Weapon Fighting, Power Attack
Add your Strength bonus to damage rolls made with your off-hand weapon. (Instead of only half.) Also, if you’re using 2 one-handed weapons, you can reduce the penalty by 1 (so, -3/-3 instead of -4/-4).

Concentrate Poison
One can take multiple poisons and create a more potent version of the same poison. For every raw poison (or crafted poison) added to the dose increases the Fort DC by 2, the duration by 50% of the original duration, and the crafting DC increases by 3.

Firearm Mastery
Prerequisites: Dex 15, Point-Blank Shot, Rapid Reload, Rapid Shot.
Choose a type of firearm that you have taken the Rapid Reload for. The time required for you to reload that type of firearm is reduced to a free action. You can fire that firearm as many times in a full attack action as you could attack if you were using a bow. Reloading that firearm no longer provokes attacks of opportunity.

Rapid Shot
Rapid Shot is going to work similarly to Two-Weapon Fighting. You can shoot twice as a standard action, or, if making a full-round attack, you can shoot twice for each attack. All with a -2 penalty to attack.

Two-Weapon Fighting
Two-Weapon Fighting allows you to make an attack with each hand (at a -2 or -4 penalty) as a standard action. Or, as a full-round action, each of your attacks can be replaced with an attack with each hand (normal penalties apply).
This basically makes the Improved/Greater Two-Weapon Fighting Feats redundant.

Character Creation Rules

Instead of the usual +2 to one ability, Humans can add +2 to two different abilities and take -2 to another.

Each level, characters will gain their full amount of hit points from their dice, plus any hit points from Constitution.

I am going to be fairly lenient with starting equipment. I am expecting everyone to have armor and a weapon or two appropriate for a level one character, as well as any “survival” equipment (rope, backpack, bedroll, etc.) that you think a character given your background would have. Any starting Masterwork items must be written into your character’s background.

Poison Harvesting/Creation

Harvesting poison from a slain creature that naturally has poison requires a Survival check. The DC is equal to the Fort DC for the poison, and for every 5 over, you get an additional dose of raw poison. This is limited by the size of the creature being harvested. Diminutive = 1/2, Fine = 1, Tiny = 1, Small = 2, Medium = 3, Large = 5, Huge = 8, Gargantuan = 13, Colossal = 21.
If you fail the check by 5 or more, you expose yourself to the poison (unless you have the Poison Use feature).
One cannot “Take 10” on harvesting poison, as it needs to be harvested quickly, else the poison seeps out of whatever gland it was being stored in.
Creating Poison is as per the RAW: The DC to create a poison from raw materials is the same as the Fort Save DC the poison requires. One can “Take 10” in the creation of poison.

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