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The Rana-Suri are the race of humans who inhabit Riku. They are a proud people, who place discipline and honor above everything else. They claim to be direct descendants of Fire-Bringer and many are inclined to believe them due to their access to an exploding powder.

The Rana-Suri are most famous for their partnership with the Tomu-Suri, great winged beasts found on the island. A Rana-Suri and Tomu-Suri form life-long partnerships, and together make a fearsome fighting team.

When the Rana-Suri fight, they prefer to do so from the backs of their Tomu-Suri. They have grenades as well as guns. They have both guns salvaged from the ruins of Those Who Came Before, but they have also worked together with the Kilaear, Gräkerin, and the scholars in the Green City to develop light-weight, long range rifles. These rifles are specially designed to be used while lying on the stomach in the saddles on the Tomu-Suri, and are awkward to fire while standing. After making a few passes over the battlefield with their grenades and rifles, the Rana-Suri land to engage the survivors in their runykawu (scaled armor) and twin thin-blade swords.

In an agreement with the Green City of Bamal, made in exchange for the special rifles and ingredients needed for their exploding powder, a group of nearly one hundred Rana-Suri and their Tomu-Suri live within the city and serve as both guards and messengers. These Rana-Suri tend to be older Seconds who have recently completed their training.

Racial Traits

As Humans, except Rana-Suri can choose to take a Tomu-Suri mount instead of a bonus feat.


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