600 01345581nThe Sha’ib (or Water-Stealers as they are known to outsiders) are a violent, nomadic race of Humans who live in the central desert of Bamal. They are just as likely to kill outsiders who enter their land as not. The Sha’ib possess guns from Those Who Came Before, but these are unreliable. Most Sha’ib prefer to duel wield swords or knives or sword and shield, confusing their enemies with the twirling blades and creating opportunities to strike.

The Sha’ib fiercely protect their means to create water and control all of the known springs within the desert. It is said by outsiders that they even reclaim water from their dead. The Sha’ib believe that their priestesses received their power to create water from Fire-Bringer, who taught them how to subdue Water-Sender and force her to give them water.

The tribes of the Sha’ib travel within their own territories and fight frequently amongst themselves, carrying out frequent raids between tribes, but all are ruled by the priestesses and must pay fealty. The priestesses travel the desert with four escorts to collect tribute during the rainy season and deliver water in the dry season. If the tribes do not pay, the entire tribe is staked out in the sun and left to dry. Anyone who tries to interfere or rescue the tribesmen suffer the same fate.

The capital city is built around the Temple of Fire-Bringer and is said to be made of pure topaz and lie in the direct center of the desert. No outsider has ever seen it, however, and the people of the tribes will not speak of it’s location. They will only reply “only the sand knows” when asked. When a Sha’ib dies, his body is taken to the capital city.

Racial Traits

As Humans, except instead of a bonus feat, the Sha’ib have the following features:

  • Heat Endurance – +4 Racial bonus on Fortitude saves to resist the effects of hot weather/exposure.
  • +2 Racial bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Sense Motive checks.


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