“Walk-About” is a general term for travelers as well as a culture of Firsts who travel Bamal in caravans. Walk-Abouts tend to be bards, and because of the news they carry, they are typically welcomed into all the warrens. They tend to feel superior to people who stay put in one warren, because they have picked up so many skills, languages, and knowledge in their travels.

Walk-Abouts tend to wear bright clothing and wide-brimmed hats that are used for shade, umbrellas, and gathering/cooking baskets. Most carry a tall, thick walking stick with a sharpened end that can be used for defense and digging for food. They use only simple weapons and excel at hand-to-hand combat.

People who travel as Walk-Abouts can do so for a lifetime, or for only for a short time. Most lifelong Walk-Abouts are survivors of warrens that perished following The Leaving.

Racial Traits

Walk-Abouts have the same racial traits as Humans.


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